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SHOUT OUT! GREEN IS LOVE Making Efforts to Educate the Next Generation

Nothing feels better than to know the articles I post on Environmental Blogger | Mermaids4CleanOceans | Defend Our Oceans from Plastics have reached someone, especially a young person learning how to help save our oceans from plastic pollution. I received an email this week from Green Is Love.

Here is a summary from this organization’s page:

Welcome to! Our mission is to spread the message of conservation and eco-conscious living throughout and beyond our community. We are excited to share these messages through not just our online material, but through our actions. As a community organization, we work with our members and community leadership to establish eco-friendly community initiatives and programming that positively impacts our community.

In the email, one of the organization’s leaders let me know that while searching for material to include in their education program for young people, they came upon my blog. One particular article:

spoke to one of her young volunteers. The young lady has found another interesting article and shared it with me through her mentor:

Please read more about this informative article in my blog section.

This is a huge SHOUT OUT to Green Is Love and the young volunteer working to clean our oceans of plastics for future generations.

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