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In its introduction, this article posted by O.Berk (a packaging solutions company), the problem with the use of plastic as a material for containers is outlined. Specifically, the use of plastic has taken a huge toll on the health of our oceans. With little thought to the consequences, humans have thrown away items made of plastic – straws, fast food containers, bottles, wraps, plastic sheeting, etc.

These items make their way to our oceans and end up leaching chemicals into the water, trapping or choking marine life and collecting in huge floating trash piles called “gyres”. The largest of these is known as the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”. I have written about this in a prior blog:

This garbage patch is 3X the size of France and is growing because many of the types of plastics that make of this gyre are non-biodegradable.

The O.Berk article ends with a comprehensive list of informative articles that will educate the reader on the problems with ocean plastic and how you can help. Please follow this link to find all of these articles:


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