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Oblivious in the Bahamas!

Aaaahhhh! The Bahamas. What a glorious way to spend Spring Break week in March. But, COME ON kids. I know you’re here to have fun, wind in the hair, drinks in hand, screaming “Who Let the Dogs Out” at the top of your lungs, but do you have to let your trash blow away into the beautiful Caribbean water? Certainly, a bright yellow bag would catch someone’s attention. Certainly, someone would care enough to have the captain slow down and come beside the trash so it could be picked out of the water. I observed all of this from a vantage point on a veranda, unable to reach the bag myself and unable to be heard if I tried to yell for someone else to retrieve it from the water.

But wait! Here came a lone boater. I just knew he would notice and slow down enough to snag the bag. Nope. He was as oblivious (or perhaps uncaring) as the young partiers.

I know it’s just one bag. I know it’s not in the open sea and will probably wash up on the beach out of the water. But what is upsetting is the lack of awareness, the lack of caring exhibited by those in a position to prevent or remedy the situation.

For this reason, Nassau, Bahamas earns a Call Out this month.



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