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Shout Out – Toronto Ripley’s Aquarium

A trip to the Toronto Ripley’s Aquarium in December-2023 yielded a very pleasant surprise.

In addition to the wonderful aquariums filled with reef fish, fish found in the freshwater rivers and lakes of Canada, and deep-water fish, including sharks, rays, grouper, etc., the tour route ended with an educational display.


The final display started with a self-guided tour of the immense water filtration and treatment systems it takes to keep all of the aquarium’s residents healthy.

Next up were several posters and displays designed to educate school age children on the plastic pollution problem in our oceans caused by humans, as well as the danger this plastic poses to marine life.

There is obviously an interaction between the aquarium and the local schools as demonstrated by the work of the children as they interpret what they’ve learned through artwork.

On the whole my to the aquarium was a wonderful affirmation of people’s care and attention to the problem with ocean pollution and the need to educate our children starting at a young age to make good choices when it comes to leaving their mark on the planet.

The Toronto, Canada Ripley’s Aquarium gets a big Shout Out for its educational program!

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