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Plastic pollution on course to double by 2030

Our oceans are full of plastic according to an @UNEP assessment. The study provides a strong scientific case for the urgency to act, and for collective action to protect and restore our oceans from source to oceans and seas. #CleanOceans

Executive Director of UNEP, Inger Andersen states that a major concern is what happens with breakdown products, such as microplastics and chemical additives, which are known to be toxic and hazardous to human and wildlife health and ecosystems. #microplastic

Addressing solutions to the problem, the authors pour cold water on the chances of recycling our way out of the plastic pollution crisis.

The assessment calls for the immediate reduction in plastic production and consumption, and encourages a transformation across the whole value chain.

Take the pledge at:

UN Environment Programme

United Nations Environment Programme - United Nations Avenue, Gigiri

P O Box 30552

Nairobi 00100



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