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Mermaid Tears - Plastic in Our Oceans

Interesting short video. What is sad is that this was posted in 2011 and the problem continues to get worse.

"Over the last few decades, the sea has become our garbage dump. We pour 6 million ton of garbage into it per year, 80% of which is plastic. Every square meter of every sea and ocean on this planet now contains tens of thousands of bits of plastic. This plastic kills and maims thousands of seabirds and sea mammals each year. Scientists are warning of the scale of this pollution in all of the world's oceans. In Holland a researcher has found plastic in the stomachs of 95% of fulmars, a type of seabird. Micro-particles of plastic abound on all of the world's beaches. A zone where the garbage accumulates has been discovered in the middle of the Pacific, a plastic 'soup' swallowed by fish and plankton. Chemicals released by plastics disturb the endocrine system. They are to be found in the blood of us humans." - Director: Sandrine FEYDEL - Images: Jean-Christophe CHENEAU- Chief Editor: Guillaume QUIGNARD - VIA DECOUVERTES Production audiovisual -



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