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Sailing Towards Conservation: My Journey with Ocean Missions Iceland

In June 2023, I embarked on an extraordinary voyage with Ocean Missions Iceland, a dedicated team of environmental stewards on a mission to protect our marine ecosystems. Living aboard a sailboat with a group of like-minded individuals, we set sail to explore the pristine waters of north Iceland, eager to make a difference as "Ocean Ambassadors."

Ocean Missions Iceland is more than just a conservation organization; it's a passionate community of individuals from diverse backgrounds united by a shared love for the ocean.

Their vision reflects a deep understanding of the power of inspiration and education in fostering a collective effort towards preserving our marine environments.

As we sailed through the Arctic and Subarctic regions, we engaged in various activities aimed at monitoring and addressing key environmental issues. From beach cleanings to conducting microplastic research, every task was a step towards understanding and mitigating the threats facing our oceans.

One of the highlights of our journey was being among the first to explore Ocean Missions' newly dedicated "Hope Spot" in north Iceland. This area, brimming with biodiversity and natural beauty, symbolized a beacon of hope for marine conservation efforts. Here, amidst the rugged coastline and pristine waters, we witnessed the resilience of nature and the urgent need to protect it.

Throughout our expedition, we had the privilege of learning from experts in the field, including ornithologists, cetacean biologists, and marine scientists. Their insights provided valuable knowledge and perspective, enriching our understanding of the interconnectedness of marine life and the environment.

But our journey wasn't just about data collection and scientific research. It was also about fostering a deeper connection with the ocean and instilling a sense of responsibility towards its preservation. Whether it was observing majestic whales in their natural habitat or marveling at the grace of sea birds soaring overhead, every moment served as a reminder of the beauty and fragility of our oceans.

As "Ocean Ambassadors," we returned from our expedition with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. Our experiences aboard the sailboat had not only deepened our understanding of marine conservation but had also ignited a passion to advocate for change in our communities.

In the end, our journey with Ocean Missions Iceland was more than just a voyage; it was a transformative experience that reaffirmed our commitment to protecting our oceans for future generations. Through teamwork, education, and dedication, we can all play a part in ensuring the health and vitality of our marine environments. Together, we can make a difference.

For more information, visit Ocean Missions website:

or follow them on Instagram: Ocean Missions Iceland and/or Belen Garcia Ovide

Kate Scott Stewart is a an artist, storyteller, & researcher specializing in narrative-driven design across books, material objects, & various visual medias. She mainly resides in Reykjavik, Iceland and focuses on folk history and folk culture within the "Celtic Ring" which is made up of Iceland, Ireland, the Scottish isles, and the Faroe Islands. She hopes the "old ways of doing" can help instruct and inspire us in creating a more sustainable future.



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